The Docks is one of the two secret levels featured in Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Wanton Destruction.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang's journey to Zilla brings him to the docks owned by his arch nemesis.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. Right as the level begins, look to the wall to your right. There's no indication on it, but it can be opened to reveal a secret area.
  2. From the last secret, proceed through the door. Look at the boxes to your right and notice that the ones closest to your position are misaligned. Press these boxes to open them and reveal a secret area.
  3. In the market area, the door that leads to the Bronze key has a counter right in front of it with a cash register and a digital scale. Stand on top of the scale to make a nearby piece of wall slide revealing the secret.
  4. In the shop opened by the Bronze key, the wall in-between the two doors in the back of the shop can be opened to reveal a secret.
  5. When you jump into a room from the windows after climbing some boxes, go through the left door. There should be 3 bookcases in this room. Open the middle one to see a wooden box and a "Test your might" sign. You'll be credited the secret as you enter this place, but destroy this wooden box to make the rightmost bookcase slide to get the secrets real reward (a Rail gun).

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

(Secret Level) The Docks\Gallery

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