Big Trouble in Calamity is the sixth story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang rushes to Dragon Mountain as ZillaCorps attack.

Storyline Edit

Lo Wang is transported to wildlands and tries to reach Dragon Mountain, encountering huge forces of ZillaCorps. In the town he meets Hideo, who reveals that Master Smith was gravely wounded. On his way to Smith, Kamiko reveals that she can't feel her body anymore. When Wang reaches Smith, he reveals that he has finished the cure. Wang fetches the cure and Smith says that the cure must be administered to Kamiko's body. Then they will need a Chi-bender to reverse the soul binding. In his last dying moments, Smith puts his soul int a Soul Well. As Wang goes to administer the cure to Kamiko's body, the body attacks him being now horribly mutated. After a tough fight, the corrupted body escapes. Suddenly, Ameonna contacts him and urges Wang to meet her in Shadow Hills. He meets Gozu guarding the entrance to the temple, which let's him in. When Wang meets Ameonna he asks her to reverse the soul binding, but first must retrieve Kamiko's body and return it to its original form.

Reward Edit

Champion Edit

For killing the Champion, you receive:

  • Grenade Launcher - Fujin

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  • During the climb pay attention to the river. At the end, in a small crevice, there is a secret stash of money.
  • The other secret can be found under the bridge on the road to your headquarters on Dragon Mountain.
  • You will find the third secret in the underpasses below Dragon Mountain. Before you set out towards the objective of the mission, be sure to look around.
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