"Made from steel and carbon, this compound bow puts holes in things so hard."
—In-game description.

Bullseye & Barton is a bow type weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Can be bought from Hideo after completion of story mission Big Trouble in Calamity.

Usage Edit

A straight-up upgrade to Yumi. Stats raise all around plus swaps out esotheric "turn into rabbit once in a blue moon" ability into much more straightforward crit chance bonus on critical hit.

If you like sniping, bows or both, give this one a try. You won`t regret it.

Trivia Edit

  • The bow's name is at least partially a reference to Hawkeye (AKA Clint Barton), a character from Marvel Comics, who is known for using bows. It may also be a reference to another Marvel character, Bullseye.
  • Given the aforementioned possibilities, it`s likely a reference to both, and a subtle boast that with this bow, Lo Wang is as good as both of them taken together.

Gallery Edit

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