Chapter 7: You Should See The Other Guy is the seventh chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang travels to one of Zilla's shipyards to find the next Whisperer.

Storyline Edit

The portal transports Lo Wang to Osaka, a shipyard owned by Zilla and the location of the next Whisperer. Wang navigates the shipyard and expresses concerns that the next piece of Nobitsura Kage is in Zilla's own shipyard. To go explore the rest of the shipyard, Wang drains toxic sludge blocking his path. In the elevator, Hoji reveals that he was hired by Enra to make the armor for the Ancients. When near the exit, a walkwayon which Wang was walking falls and he must fight waves of demons. After killing the demons, Wang reaches the exit and walks through it.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. At start of the level, walk to a wire wheel. Then jump on it, jump on a white boxes. From there jump across onto green container where you will find the secret.
  2. After finding shotgun, go up the stairs and turn right. You will see a broken railing. Jump through the opening to find the secret.
  3. After falling down and fighting packs of demons, walk to the exit. Left of the exit, there's a panel which can be destroyed. Destroying it will reveal a retro room with secret inside of it.
  4. Once you triggered to third sewer drainage, don't go to the elevator. Instead go down the stairs to find the secret.
  5. After destroying the red seal, go back to the walkway leading to the door. On the right there will be panel which can be destroyed to reveal another walkway. Follow the walkway to find the secret.
  6. After finding the secret mentioned above, go to the right corner of the walkway and jump down. After jumping down turn left to find the secret.
  7. After going through the door that was locked by red seal, walk up the walkway and turn left. Follow the walkway right up to the secret.
  8. After reaching the door locked by green seal, go down the stairs. Shaman will burst out through one of the walls. Inside the room with him is a secret.
  9. After reaching a crashed boat, go through an opening in the hull. Then turn right, follow the corridor to the secret.
  10. After walking up the walkway, which broke, reach the exit door. Instead of going through them turn left and follow the walkway downstairs to find the secret at the of the walkway.
  11. After finding the secret mentioned above, walk back the walkway and turn left to find bunch of boxes stacked. Destroy the boxes and follow the path to find the secret.

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Chapter 7: You Should See The Other Guy\Gallery

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