Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie is the eight chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang continues his journey through the shipyard.

Storyline Edit

Lo Wang continues his journey through the shipyard to get the next part of the Nobitsura Kage. He moves train carts that were blocking his path. When he reaches the control room, it's revealed that Kyokagami Twins, Zilla's favorite assassins are in the shipyard looking for the sword too. They got trapped themselves under the docks and ask Wang to get them out. Wang agrees and goes to them. He lowers a boat that blocks his progress and continues his journey to the docks.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. After starting the level head through the door and then go to the left. Destroy the explosive barrel to reveal a secret location. From there go to right corner of the area and destroy boxes to reveal the secret.
  2. After finding the secret mentioned above, go to the left corner of the area to find another secret.
  3. After finding the secret mentioned above, turn around and destroy explosive barrel. The explosion will reveal a door to a retro room and inside a secret.
  4. After reaching the area where you fight the first set of demons in the level, go to the left and then to the right to find a small stack of boxes. Behind them is a secret.
  5. After finding the secret mentioned above, go through the door, up the walkway and then turn left. Jump on a container with explosive barrels on it and turn left to find the secret.
  6. After finding the secret mentioned above, dropped down and turn right to find another secret.
  7. After the crane puzzle, go all the way to right and then left. Then turn right and follow the path to find a stack of boxes hiding a secret.
  8. After fighting in a misty room, go through the door and turn left. Follow the corridor to the secret.
  9. After destroying the red seal, head straight to the metal door to find a secret sitting in the left corner.
  10. In the area where there is a blue Tentoki statue on a boat, head to the left building. Inside of it you will find a secret.
  11. After finding the secret mentioned above, head back through the door. Head through the door on your left and through another door to a new area. Turn left to find a stack of boxes in the corner. Behind them is a secret.
  12. After finding the secret mentioned above, turn around go the right side, to the area from which two Warlords come out. There you will find another secret.

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Chapter 8: Not Quite A Genie\Gallery

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