Chapter 9: I Like You Better When You Were Dumb And Gorgeous is the ninth chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).

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Lo Wang makes new allies and gets closer to the second Whisperer.

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When Wang gets to the docks, he finds out that he's on the wrong side and must go under dock 5 to help Kyokagami Twins. Wang gets to the dock 5 and overhears Kyokagami Twins talking. On his way Wang finds a flamethrower. He finally manages to reach the twins and frees them. Wang reveals to the twins that he has a part of the sword and they decide to help Wang navigate the Manticore. Wang begins his journey to the Manticore and the twins reveal that the ship was a deep excavation unit, which retrieved a part of Nobitsura Kage from bottom of the sea. He then proceeds to enter the elevator.

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  1. At the start of the level, head into the tunnels and the first crossing turn right. The secret is at the end of the tunnel.
  2. After raising the back of the boat, go through the now open area. Turn right and go through the first door. Walk up stairs and claim your secret.
  3. After finding the secret above, go back through the door and after lifting up a container that's blocking your path, stick to your right to find the secret.
  4. After finding the secret above, turn around and left all the way to the end. The secret will be behind explosive barrel, near forklift.
  5. After falling through the walkway, go to the far left corner and go up the walkway. After that turn left and head straight to find the secret.
  6. When inside the tunnels, on your left. near don't slips sign will be a breakable wall. The door leads to a retro room and a secret.

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