"Some say this is what happens when Shade junkies finally lose all humanity. Others say they're just garden variety lawyers. Known to associate with Talons."
—In-game description.

Claw is demon enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Claw is a small, heavily disfigured demon that appears in Shadow Warrior 2. Claw usually attacks accompanied by other Claws. It attacks by using it's two claws (hence the name) dealing minimal melee damage. Claw has a chance to turn into Talon when taken damage and if not killed quickly enough.

Design Edit

Claws are very small demons possessing two arms that have a single claw on each one. They have heavily disfigured face but do possess facial details like eyes and mouth unlike Talon or Fang. They have bone like growths growing out of their lower part of their face.

Strategy Edit

It's best to take them out as quickly as possible. Otherwise they can turn into Talons, making a fight with the much more tougher.

Gallery Edit

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