Corporate Shill is the eleventh story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang is tasked with retrieving information about the location of Kamiko's body from Xing.

Storyline Edit

Mezu says that Xing will help them to locate Kamiko's body, but Lo Wang must meet him in person. Wang travels to his TV station and talks to him. Suddenly, ZillaCorps attack the station and Wang must fend them off. After defeating them, he returns to Xing, which reveals the story behind the Outer Gates. Eons ago, Ancients raged war with chaos, Eventually, demon armies led by Xing managed to push the chaos into the void. Hoji then constructed a set of gates to keep them out of the Shadow Realm, while Mezu used Ameonna's soul to seal the gates. Unfortunately, they still needed the power that derived from chaos, so they used Ameonna to channel it, through her tears. For centuries, Enra, Mezu and Hoji used the power for their own desires and then isolated her as to protect the flow of energy. Loneliness and sorrow slowly drove Ameonna mad. Enra's and Hoji's deaths were the last straws for her sanity, hence the behavior. Xing then gives the location of Kamiko's body.

Reward Edit

  • 35000
  • 2x Skill points

Champion Edit

  • TL-Devourer - A powerful version of Herculon.

For killing the Champion, you receive:

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

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