Demon Trafficking is a side mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Gozu asks assistance with finding missing cultists.

Storyline Edit

Gozu under orders of Ameonna, asks Lo Wang to find missing cultists that went to town to get supplies, but never returned. Lo Wang accepts and seeks them out. He finds a dead cultist and boxes with Larry's shop name on it. Wang pays him a visit Larry reveals that some Yakuza members started to kidnap cultists and use them as sex slaves. They always move around, but do have a permanent compound. To get inside, Wang must pass a retina scan. Larry points a Yakuza member close to his location. Wang then kills the member of Yakuza and uses its head to get inside the compound. Inside, he frees the cultists and returns to Gozu. There Wang scolds him for not looking over his people.

Reward Edit

Champion Edit

  • Gun Fury - A powerful version of desperado

For killing the Champion, you receive:

Walkthrough Edit


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