"The Dynomite just wants to be friends. What's that ticking sound?"
—In-game description.

Dynomite is an enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 2. It is one of the fastest enemies in this game.

Overview Edit

Dynomite is one of the demonic enemies featured in game and usually appears in groups. When it spots the player, it runs toward him in order to reach him and explode dealing serious damage. Like few other "animal" type units, it can hide in ground and ambush player.

During playthrough player will meet 3 variants - regular, tough and elite with various resistance and weaknesses.

There is no Champion version of this enemy.

Design Edit

Dynomite is a black demonic bug with a large shell on back filled with some material.

Strategy Edit

The best way to deafeat them is to crowd them in one place and use explosive weapon. With higher health pool and lower difficulties player can risk and allow them to explode by reaching player.

Due to their nature player should avoid using any melee weapon that does not create Ki wave.

Gallery Edit