Female Warrior is enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

Female Warrior can do many of the things the base Evil Ninja can do, but she is much more deadly. Carrying a crossbow, she will shoot bolts in your direction at high speed. Female Warrior can also loft sticky mines your way, making it very difficult to stay in one place. Treat these ladies with some respect. 

Design Edit

Female Warrior wears black bikini and black long boots. Her eyes are snake-like and in light green color. Her hair is black and in the right arm she carries a crossbow.

Strategy Edit

Female Warriors are primarily ranged fighter; strafe continuesly as to evade their bolts. They have good HP, surviving a missile or grenade head on. When in close quarters combat, Female Warrior throw around sticky mines, which pose huge threat long after she's killed. So always check the room for still active sticky mines. It is best to use the Rocket launcher or Riot Gun against them.

Gallery Edit

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