"Big, meaty and brutal, just as its namesake. What else did you expected from a big fucking axe?"
—In-game description.

Overview Edit

Fist of Gozu is a melee weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior 2 The Way of the Wang DLC as a reward for completing all challenges.

Usage Edit

Fist of Gosu is a weapon intended for heavy melee players. It has significant bonuses for standing your ground and cutting down enemies as they get to you - but without an appropriate player build, this strategy is untenable.

With that in mind, Fist of Gosu is fairly formidable, but finicky weapon, requiring a lot of strategy and investment, both in mods and in skills to get the most out of.

The block negation ability may seem enticing for dealing with D.O.L.L.s and their incessant blocking, but the timing for that has to be air-tight.

Gallery Edit

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