Flirty Fishing is a side mission in Shadow Warrior 2, which is available after story mission Zilla Attack.

Synposis Edit

Gozu tasks Lo Wang to find all tapes connected with Ameonna taking a bath.

Storyline Edit

This side mission is divided into 3 parts:

1st part Edit

Gozu found out, that someone took a photo of Ameonna, while she was taking a bath. He tasks Lo Wang to find that person and force him to give him those photos. After reaching Paparazzi and protecting him from few enemies there is a short dialogue between them, from which Lo Wang conducts, that this person recorded a movie. He returns with that information to Gozu.

2nd part Edit

Ameonna followers bring tapes to Gozu, what makes him worried. Therefore, he tasks Lo Wang to find all tapes that are being sold in Calamity. After dialogue appears a message from Larry, which after a short discussion agress to bring all tapes, if Lo Wang finds few bottles of pre-Collision whisky. After Lo Wang brings required number of bottles to Larry, he gives required tapes, which he throw into Master Smith's furnace. Then he returns to Gozu to say that Calamity is free of tapes, but there are a lot of them in Zilla City.

3rd part Edit

Gozu watched one of those tapes and found out, that they have Xing's watermark. Therefore, he sends Lo Wang to speak with him in his TV Station. During this converstation Xing reveals, that he adviced Ameonna to record such movie in order to gain popularity - and she agreed to do so. However, despite her early withdraw, paparazzi recorded a tape and started to reproduce it and sell in Japan. Xing, angered by paparazzi attitude, asks Lo Wang to give him a lesson by destroying both his van and vending machines. After doing so, Lo Wang returns to Gozu to annouce him, that problem is over and tells truth about Ameonna.

Reward Edit

Champions Edit

There are 3 champions, one per part of side mission:

  • Old Fart (1st part, powerful version of Belly);
  • Shady Rascal (2nd part, powerful version of Shade Junkie);
  • Queen of D.O.L.L.s (3rd part, powerful version of D.O.L.L.) - drops Saw Blade if killed;

Walkthrough Edit

(to be completed)

Secrets Edit

(to be completed)

Trivia Edit

(to be completed)

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