"Originally developed by Zilla Zaibatsu for same-day grocery delivery, after the Collision they were retrofitted for a variety of uses, including protection, healing and assassination."
—In-game description.

Floater Drone is robot enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Floaters are very common enemies who are usually encountered supplementing squads of Zilla's cyborg troopers. As the game progresses, a tougher variation called a Mother Drone is encountered more frequently.

Design Edit

Floater drones are spherical, hovering robots that will flit around their environment while scanning for enemies.

Strategy Edit

Floaters are weak, but their somewhat unpredictable movements and tendency to float above other enemies can make them annoying to deal with. At very close range, a shotgun can kill them in one hit. It is very tricky to hit them with explosives directly, but they will usually explode in one hit. They attack with missiles that can be easily avoided, but usually appear in groups.

Gallery Edit