"Koi carp represent strength of purpose and perseverance over adversity. It is said that when Kois swim upstream, the strongest reach the final waterfall. There they become water dragons. These techniques offer control over the battlefield by rendering enemies helpless."
—In-game description.

Flux is a power featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Flux gives the power to lift lesser demons in the air, this way immobilizing them for set duration. The power is represented by Koi carp tattoo on Wang's stomach area.

Upgrades Edit

Base Edit

Water Trap: Releases a 20 meter line, which lifts lesser demons in the air for up to 4 seconds.

First Path Edit

Calm Pool: Effects lesser demons in rage too.

Abyssal Stream: Flux range increased up to 30 meters.

Useful for capturing enraged demons from afar.

Second Path Edit

River Dragon: Casting new waves no longer releases previously captured demons.

Koi Snare: Maximum Flux duration increased to 6 seconds.

Useful for capturing multiple demons.

Gallery Edit

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