"The peacock is said to have the power to counteract poison and invoke a healing rain.. It's techniques use KI to heal body and mind."
—In-game description.

Healing is power featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Healing is power, which helps Lo Wang to heal his wounds. The power is represented by a peacock tattoo on Wang's right shoulder.

Upgrades Edit

Base Edit

Peacocks Blessing: Heals 45 to 65% of maximum health in 5 seconds but makes Wang more vulnerable to damage.

First Path Edit

Protective Fan: receiving damage no longer breaks channeling.

Soaring Feather: Channeling time decreased to 4 seconds.

Useful when fighting in large groups.

Second Path Edit

Invigorating Dew: Heals up to 60% of lost health.

Healing Rain: Heals up to 80% lost health.

Wang will be able to heal up to 104 health (assuming his base is 130). This is helpful for when you need healing between sections before grabbing a medkit.

Gallery Edit

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