"It's a pleasure to meet you,"
—Hideo after meeting Lo Wang for the first time

Hideo is a character featured in Shadow Warrior 2. He is a professional ninja and owner of Kobadera Ninja Shop, where the player can buy some stuff.

As a shop owner, he mostly specializes in gems that feature elemental damage. He will also occasionally sell gems that enhance your Chi powers.

History Edit

Before Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Having lost parents at early age, Hideo grew in makeshift dormitories set up by Yakuza. Eventually, he left as he could no longer live with their constant anger and hatefulness and found Anvil, where Master Smith took him under his tutelage. There he met Kamiko and was fascinated by her.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Hideo is an owner of the Kobadera Ninja Shop and a master in Kung-fu techniques. He is first seen at the end of the first quest. He sells 2 akimbo melee weapons, few abilites and various gems. Outside of his shop he is met only once - after the player enters Hub Town after ZillaCorps attack during the quest "Zilla Attack". He is also a principal of "Ninja'd Scrolls, part 3".

Personality Edit

Due to the low amount of dialogues between Lo Wang and Hideo we can't describe his personality in a precise way. The only thing the player can be sure of is that he is a very calm and friendly person. He is also very loyal and dedicated to the way of the ninja.

However, deeds speak more than words do - during the ZillaCorps assault on the village, the player meets Hideo in the middle of a pile of gore - most likely Zilla soldiers Hideo chopped up.

Despite his well-intentioned manners, he likes to hide mockery behind a thick veil of gratitude. When Lo Wang says 'you remind me of me when I was younger... Except we totally differ a lot', Hideo replies, 'Thank you, Master Wang!' to which Lo Wang can only reply in confusion, wondering whether or not he should take it as a compliment.

Design Edit

Kobadera uses black armor which, excluding head part (normally covers it in major part), is typical for a ninja.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only person, that used word "master" towards Wang.
  • Hideo shares his name with a well known game creator, Hideo Kojima.