"Ignore the screams you may hear when firing this demonic machine gun. It gets that way when it's happy."
—In-game description.

King Skeletor Machine Gun is machine gun appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Although this particular gun can be glimpsed practically from the very beginning of the game, it won`t become available until story mission Big Trouble in Calamity.

King Skeletor is in the loft of Kobadera Shop and will become accessible when Smith Masamune sends player to collect a potion for Kamiko.

Usage Edit

The clip size and rate of fire may sound inviting to spray and pray, but movement speed penalty hinders that significantly. If there is a space to retreat to or the enemy in question is not particularly fast, King Skeletor is a decent choice for whittling them down.

Can be also used to mow down a gaggle of small enemies, but beware of ending up swarmed. Use of vanishing or switching to close quarters weapon is warranted if it looks like you will be overrun.

Given the chi recovery bonus option, it might make sense to deliver a chi-blast as soon as clip runs out to take advantage of freshly recovered chi and clear out some breathing space to reload in peace or make a strategic retreat.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is a clear reference to the He-Man antagonist Skeletor.

Gallery Edit

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