Level 10: The Garden is the tenth level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Twin Dragon.

Synopsis Edit

Wang reaches a garden on his journey to reach Hung Lo.

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Secrets Edit

  1. After you go through the first door, when you exit the tunnel you'll be at an intersection. Take the right path and, near the Red key door, look for a faint crack in the wall. Blow it up to reveal the secret.
  2. From the last secret, backtrack and take the left path this time. Be on the lookout for a room to your left, with a pond at the bottom. Dive into the pond and look for a hole in one of the island's walls, which is the secret.
  3. After you blow up a wall (and jump into the hole) to make progress, take the left path (opposite to the door). Before entering the room with a Full Kevlar Armor, look for a faint crack in the wall to your left (towards the river). Blow it up and jump into it for the secret.
  4. After entering the Red key door, notice the lava-tiled room to your right. Here, look for a brighter section of the wall to your left. Open it to reveal the secret.
  5. In the corridor that leads to the Gold key door, near the beggining, there is a section of the wall that is brighter. Open it to reveal the secret.

Trivia Edit

  • Level alternate name is Secret Garden.

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Level 10: The Garden\Gallery

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