Level 18: Floating Fortress is the eighteenth level of Shadow Warrior Classic.

Synopsis Edit

To reach Zilla, Lo Wang must survive the dangers of the Floating Fortress.

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Secrets Edit

  1. After you activate the switch for the lock door, jump onto the crates. From the highest crate jump across the the other side and jump on the crates there. Jump on top of the moving lock door. When the door moves to the open position, you can see an opening. Jump into the opening and blast the crack on the wall behind the armor. Then shoot the button that is exposed from the cracked wall and a secret door will open where you find 3 hatches with a nuclear missile, Railgun rods and missiles.

    Map of the level

  2. When you swim up through the hole in the bottom of the ship, there is a secret in the flooded room just before the room with the Serpent God. As you walk through this door, you can see a drown Ninja off to your left. Walk over to where the drown Ninja is and face south. Walk while crouching and you'll uncover a secret area where a portable medkit is stored.
  3. In the room with the blue access card, you can see a small opening in the floor to the left. You can see a fortune cookie and a Guardian head there. Shoot the wall above the hole a few times with a Railgun or other high impact weapon until you can see that the wall has been pushed back enough to crawl into the hole.
  4. Go into the ship's cabin after using the blue access card and use the controls to move the ships gun to the left until it is aiming directly at the vent on the building wall. You will need to have the barrel lined up near perfect with the vent. Go back on the ship's topside and jump onto the ships gun and walk out to the end of the barrel. Shoot the vent to break it and leap into the opening to uncover some caltrops and a fortune cookie.
  5. Inside of the ship you'll see a room with 3 lockers in it. The center locker says D. Jones above it. Push on the back of the locker and it will open up into a secret room where you'll find shotgun shells, a fortune cookie and Peaches. If you talk to Peaches, she will give you items as well.
  6. When you go into the ships engine room after using the yellow access card, you'll see a computer terminal in the far east part of the room. Use the terminal and run over just past the switch that turns the power on for the teleporter. A panel is exposed revealing kevlar armor and another fortune cookie.

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Level 18: Floating Fortress\Gallery

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