Level 2: City of Despair is the second level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Twin Dragon.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang must cross a city in despair to find the ones responsible for the attack.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. In the start, jump out of the car and look back: the secret lies at the top of the ledge closest to you. In order to reach it, go to the car crash, jump on top of the ledge near them, jump to the other ledge and then follow it near the end to go through a fake wall.
  2. As you go through the level, when you see a brown van, jump on top of it and look for a different looking window. Destroy it in order to reveal the secret.
  3. As you go through the rooftops to get the Red key, be on the lookout for a small alley with a crack on the wall. Blow it open in order to reveal the secret.
  4. Before opening the Red key door, go to the end of the corridor and turn. In the darker part of the corridor will be a painting. Open it to reveal the secret.
  5. Before opening the Blue key door, turn around and look for the short building on the other side of your position. Get to it and look to the building in front of it: there'll be a different looking window. Destroy the window and then strafe-jump into the secret room (be careful as it's a difficult jump and falling will cause damage).

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

Level 2: City of Despair\Gallery

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