Level 4: Hide and Seek is the fourth level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Twin Dragon.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang must play a dangerous game of hide and seek.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. After obtaining the Blue key, you'll eventually come to an intersection. Go to the right path to arrive in a room. There, in the wall in front of you, to the right side, there's a fake wall (with absolutely no indication). You'll have to jump to get into it.
  2. Follow my instructions carefully to not get lost when getting the remaining secrets! =)

From the Red key door, ignore the first passage to your left and follow the tunnel to its end. You'll arrive in a big room. In the back of the room, is a crack in the wall. Blow it up to reveal the secret.

  1. From the last secret, backtrack to the entrance you ignored earlier and follow it. At the intersection, follow the left tunnel (which forms some steps). You'll arrive at a dead end (where you can see some boats from the grate). Near here is another crack in the wall. Blow it up, and follow the tunnel to reach the secret area.
  2. From the last secret, backtrack to the last intersection and follow the only way you haven't gone yet. You'll quickly reach an intersection. Follow the left path (the right one leads to the exit), ignore the first right turn and reach the wall at the end of this section. Turn right to see yet another crack in the wall. Blow it to reveal the secret.

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Level 4: Hide and Seek\Gallery

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