Level 4: Restaurant is the fourth level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Wanton Destruction.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang visits a restaurant, but instead of a happy meal must try not to become a meal himself.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. As you enter the restaurant, look at the counter near the Red key door. There's a portion that's sticking out from the rest. Open it to spot a switch. Flick it to make a secret wall near the other end of the counter to open and reveal the secret.
  2. After opening the Red key door, to your left will be a bathroom. Enter it, close the door and look at the side of the sink closest to the door to see a switch. Activate it to make a secret wall in front of you slide revealing the secret.
  3. Exit the bathroom and move behind the first table to your left. Tucked in the corner, behind the back of the seat is a switch. Activate it and a wall across from you opens revealing a small compartment which is the secret.
  4. From the last secret, on the other side of the room is a small area with two separate tables and a wall decoration in the back. If you press this decoration the table nearest to it lowers revealing a secret.
  5. Getting the Fortune Cookie from the last secret actually counts as another secret.
  6. After using the Silver key, in the first room downstairs is a pillar with a switch on it. Use it to make one of the bookcases nearby slide revealing the secret.
  7. In the area with the Gold key, the window to its right is fake and can be walked into to get the secret.

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Gallery Edit

Level 4: Restaurant\Gallery

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