Level 5: Skyscraper is the fifth level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Wanton Destruction.

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  1. After riding the elevator, as you traverse the corridor leading to the Blue key door, notice a small painting on one of the walls. It is a fake, so jump into it to be credited 3 secrets at once! Also, make sure to note the section of the wall you exit into the river since it's the only way out and there's no clear indication in it.
  2. After riding down the Blue key locked elevator, in the waiting room, there'll be a painting on a far section of the wall. Push it to make it slide and reveal the secret.
  3. As you exit the last secret, look for a small button tucked in a corner of the room. Press it to make the table across from you to lower revealing the secret. Also, do note that the switch inside this secret opens the blue door in the waiting room with some extra goodies (and enemies too)!
  4. In the construction yard, across from where you enter, is a crack on the wall. Blow it up to reveal the secret.
  5. In the same construction yard, notice the tall piles of crates in a corner (not the ones you use to proceed in the level). Bring the crane near them, and jump behind them to fall in a small area with a Portable Medkit which counts as a secret.
  6. (Secret level entrance) In the room before the construction yard, notice the air vent in it. Bust the grate and traverse it to reach a small room. Here, a small portion of the wall is different. Jump into it (this piece is fake) to reach the secret area with the secret exit.

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Level 5: Skyscraper\Gallery

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