Level 7: Military Base is the seventh level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Wanton Destruction.

Synopsis Edit

To reach Zilla, Lo Wang must go through a remote military base.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. Before entering the base, in the area protected by 2 turrets (that can't be destroyed), near the Red key is a small tree stump beside a large one. This one is hollow, so use the small one to jump into it and get the secret.
  2. After going down the first elevator, as you come around the first corner, the corner wall can be opened to reveal a secret.
  3. As you reach the circle area, the first wall section to the right of the elevator can be opened to reveal a secret compartment.
  4. From the last secret, face the outer walls, and look down near the wall where the hole ends to spot an elevator. After going down the elevator, proceed through the cave area to emerge in a secret room.
  5. In the area just before the Yellow key, where the wall lights are red, notice that one of the lights isn't red. Open this one to reveal the secret.
  6. After going down the Yellow key elevator and going through the left corridor, you'll see a small dark room just before a metal door (on higher difficulties, a ninja will be inside). You can jump through this window to get the secret. But there's also another way in! Open the metal door and, in this next room, open the wall lights for the alternative method.

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Gallery Edit

Level 7: Military Base\Gallery

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