Level 7: Toxic Waste is the seventh level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Twin Dragon.

Synopsis Edit

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. From the last extra, keep going forward towards the clean part of the river. Near the bank is a small hole in the middle of the forest. Inside it is the secret.
  2. From the last secret, jump into the river and move to the other side. There'll be a hole to your right. Inside the hole is the secret.
  3. Near where you obtain the Yellow key is one of the Yellow key doors. Next to it is a computer desk and a small window. Break the glass and enter this hidden part of the warehouse. Here you'll see the Level Infinity logo and a broken pile of boxes. Enter this pile to be credited the secret.

Trivia Edit

  • Level alternate name is Toxic Waste Facility.

Gallery Edit

Level 7: Toxic Waste\Gallery

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