Level 9: Auto Factory is the ninth level of Shadow Warrior Classic expansion Wanton Destruction.

Synopsis Edit

To reach Zilla, Lo Wang must go through his car factory.

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  1. After passing the small room full of explosive barrels and a truck, you'll be in a red lighted room. Just beside the exit door is some machinery. If you look closely to the wall on top of it, the middle portion will be slightly darker. Jump and open this part to reveal the secret.
  2. As you stand on top of the crates pointed in the last Extra section, look to the wooden wall. Run and jump beyond it to reach the secret area.
  3. When you enter the room locked by the Yellow key, go to the wooden door that you can see. Inside this room, in the back, will be some bookcases. The leftmost one (with no books) can be opened to reveal a secret compartment.
  4. Continuing from the last secret, as you go down the ramp, notice the air vent on the wall across from you. Break the opening and enter the room. Here, look for a crack in one of the walls. Blow it up to reveal the secret. Also, the door in this room can be opened later, giving another access to this room.
  5. As you make your way to the car you need to crash into the door to open your way, in the room right before it is an elevated platform. Jump on top of it and open the machinery in front of you to reveal the secret.
  6. When you reach a room with a purple car in it (it's also where you open the door to access the Secret #4 room), you'll need to reach the leftmost part near the top of the wall with the door-like texture. To do so, stand near the switch on top of the stairs, jump to the small ledge and walk along it to the end.
  7. When you are on the platform where you get the Blue key, jump to the ledge on the wall to your right and walk along it. A portion of the wall is fake so you'll cross it and get the secret.
  8. Right before the Green key door, is a big machine. If you stand on top of the elevated platform across from the aforementioned door, you should notice that there's a small space between the machine and the far wall. Run and jump to this area to get credited the secret.

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Level 9: Auto Factory\Gallery

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