"KI energy flows through all things. Those who learn to perceive it benefit from the intuitive insight it gives. This is referred to by simple folk as "luck"."
—In-game description.

Luck is a skill tree featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Luck skills increases amount of money, hearts and ammo you find in the game.

Skills Edit

First group Edit

Heart On: Increases chance of demons dropping hearts by 50%.

Not really useful as Wang can hold only one heart at a time.

Second group Edit

Richman I: Find 10% more money.

Richman II: Find 20% more money.

This can help you get upgrades quicker in the game for your weapons, so clearly the earlier on you get this the more upgrades in your playthrough you will be able to get.

Third group Edit

Armed: Find 10% more ammo.

Dangerous: Find 20% more ammo.

The skills are useful when running low on ammo.

Fourth group Edit

Critical Strike: Increases chance for double damage by 5%.

Useful for increasing damage output.

Gallery Edit

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