"I am willing to die for my ideals. Can you say the same?"
—Mamushi to Lo Wang.

Mamushi Heika is Yakuza mob boss appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

History Edit

Background Edit

Heika was a small time criminal boss, so in order to get required strength she concluded an arrangement with Mezu, allowing him to violate her daughter, which leads to a birth of crossbreed Kamiko.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Mamushi Heika is a leader of the one of the most powerful Yakuza groups in this region of Japan. First time player meet her in her office, where she is looking for someone to save Kamiko. After events of that mission she moves to office located above the Laundry near Wang Cave on Dragon Mountain.

After ZillaCorps attacks this region,she relocates back to her large office, where player meets her in quest to recover Oyabun's weapon. When player reaches her, she kneels before desk. During discussion with Lo Wang she stabs her abdomen with this sword and dies due to blood loss.

Personality Edit

Mamushi Heika is a ruthless leader that controls Yakuza with an iron fist. She expects total loyalty from her subjects. In order to gain power, Mamushi can go to great lengths, even giving her daughter to an Ancient to be raped. Because of this she incredibly loyal to Mezu.

Design Edit

Mamushi wears clothes with a snake skin-like pattern. She has an earring in her left ear and has her hair tied.

Trivia Edit

  • Mamushi is also a common name of Gloydius blomhoffii, a venomous pitviper found in Japan.

Gallery Edit

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