"Hello darling"
Lo Wang, after picking up the crossbow for the first time.

The Mamushi Type-14 Crossbow is a crossbow in Shadow Warrior (2013) that can be found in Lo Wang's penthouse in Chapter 3.

Overview Edit

Mamushi Type-14 Crossbow is armed with explosive arrows and has good damage per shot ratio, making it a good choice to use against tougher opponents. The crossbow can hold up to 16 bolts, which can be increased with extended mag upgrade.

High-strain system increases the damage dealt with crossbow up to 4 times per shot, while sticky bombs upgrade turns up to 3 arrows into sticky mines which are useful for laying down traps for oncoming enemies. While the weapon has good accuracy, it's hard to aim the projectiles.

Usage Edit

With the sticky bomb upgrade is useful to chain explosive damage with environmental damage, this way clearing out whole groups of enemies. The crossbow is also useful to use against bosses but because it shoots projectiles, it's tad harder to land the shot.

Upgrades Edit

Sticky Bombs: Turns up to 3 arrows at once into sticky mines.

High-Strain Systems: Adds a charge up mechanic which increases shot damage up to 4 times.

Extended Mag: Holds 25% more bolts.

Trivia Edit

  • The crossbow is named after venomous Japanese pit viper species, mamushi.

Gallery Edit

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