Shareware episode Edit

File name Shadow Warrior
$bullet Level 1: Seppuku Station
$dozer Level 2: Zilla Construction
$shrine Level 3: Master Leep's Temple
$woods Level 4: Dark Woods of the Serpent

Retail episode + expansion Edit

Unlike other Build games, Shadow Warrior Classic has level filenames hardcoded in the executable.

File name Shadow Warrior Wanton Destruction Twin Dragon
$whirl Level 5: Rising Son Level 1: Chinatown Level 1: Wang's Home
$tank Level 6: Killing Fields Level 2: Monastery Level 2: City of Despair
$boat Level 7: Hara-Kiri Harbor Level 3: Trolley Yard Level 3: Emergency Room
$garden Level 8: Zilla's Villa Level 4: Restaurant Level 4: Hide and Seek
$outpost Level 9: Monastery Level 5: Skyscraper Level 5: Warehouse
$hidtemp Level 10: Raider of the Lost Wang Level 6: Airplane Level 6: Military Research Base
$plax1 Level 11: Sumo Sky Palace Level 7: Military Base Level 7: Toxic Waste
$bath Level 12: Bath House Level 8: Train Level 8: Crazy Train
$airport Level 13: Unfriendly Skies Level 9: Auto Factory Level 9: Fishing Village
$refiner Level 14: Crude Oil Level 10: The Garden
$newmine Level 15: Coolie Mines Level 11: The Fortress
$subbase Level 16: Subpen 7
$rock Level 17: The Great Escape
$yamato Level 18: Floating Fortress
$seabase Level 19: Water Torture
$volcano Level 20: Stone Rain Level 10: Skyline Level 12: The Palace
$shore (Secret Level) Shanghai Shipwreck (Secret Level) Redwood Forest (Secret Level) Prison Camp
$auto (Secret Level) Auto Maul (Secret Level) The Docks

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