"Talk about a fella who's all mixed up! He might not be much to look at, but don't take your eyes of him! That's when you find his claw in your back."
—In-game description.

Mist is a demonic enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Mist is a tough enemy fist encountered as during mission Seepage Problem. He can attack with an electric fog, which he guides in your direction. Additionally, he can launch a lightning bolt, which will track your movement automatically. When a spell hits you it will constantly deal damage. In addition to that, Mist will switch to melee when in close proximity of the player. He can also turn invisible and launch surprise attacks.

There is a champion version of this enemy - Guardian, which player may meet during side mission Seepage Problem.

Design Edit

Mist looks like ragged, floating torso without eye holes. He has a giant claw on his right hand and wears a crescent on his back. Plated armor is covering his body.

Strategy Edit

It is best to engage him from a distance, as he can dodge close-range attacks.

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