"Hail to the King, baby. Wait, scratch that. Hail to the triple-barreled semi-automatic handheld rocket launcher."
—In-game description.

The Monsoon is automatic rocket launcher appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

This rocket launcher can be obtained during story mission Industrial Espionage by killing miniboss Transistor ZL-260 (souped up ZL-Mechs). It might be easily missed due to the fact that miniboss battle is not a required part of mission and story missions are not replayable in free roam.

Usage Edit

Boss fighting and crowd control weapon. Rockets are sparse, expensive and even with capacity upgrades, you can`t carry much with you. On the other hand, they pack a wallop.

Monsoon is actually rather lackluster in terms of damage as far as rocket launchers go, but it makes up for that partially with high refire rate and a clip that fits three rockets, while other launchers are strictly single-shot.

As a multibarrel weapon, Monsoon can accept a multibarrel shot mod, which will bring it`s single shot damage and overall performance on par with other launchers - albeit at a triple rocket expense per shot. On the plus side, firing three rockets at once does cover bigger area, so as a crowd control it might be a preferred option.

Trivia Edit

This weapon had been featured in Shadow Warrior (2013) as a Yari Type-24 Rocket Launcher. Monsoon looks like the fully upgraded version.

Gallery Edit

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