Monster Tea Party is a side mission in Shadow Warrior 2, which becomes available after completing story mission Zilla Attack.

Synopsis Edit

Gozu tasks Lo Wang to find out, what happened at tea plantation that belongs to Ameonna.

Storyline Edit

Gozu is worried by a fact, that they have run out of tea and there were no information from tea plantation in Calamity. Therefore, Lo Wang is tasked to go to that place and find out what happpened. After reaching tea plantation he discovers that something scared workers and all leaves was taken. Inspection of two more places where tea is usually gathered doesn't give an answer to what happened there. Therefore, he goes to one more location with tea supplies which reveals truth - workers was scared off or killed by Devouring Kamiko, which infused tea with crude. Lo Wang returns with that information to Gozu.

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(to be completed)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only side mission, where player can spot a boss unit.
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