"A modern replica, recreating a beloved blade to its tiny detail (weird-ass demon soul not included). The set includes an update on the notation of the blade for customers who mispronounced the hell out of it (seriously... 'cage'?). The item was created with the high-end Western market in mind, focusing on hardcore cosplayers and die-hard fans.

WARNING! not for children under 3 years; choking hazard."

—In-game description.

Nobitsura Ka-ge is a katana featured in Shadow Warrior 2. It is a part of limited snow event connected with patch.

Overview Edit

Nobitsura Ka-ge is a katana, which player will obtain at the end of quest "Wang in a box" alongside with manekin to check weapon damage and music box. It's essentially a golden version of the legendary Nobitsura Kage from the first game.

Usage Edit

As every melee type weapon Nobitsura Ka-ge is useful against lesser demons/small groups of enemies/surprise attacks.

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