Orb of Masamune is a crafting material, which appears in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Orbs of Masamune are pink orbs and a crafting material, which becomes available to use at Smith Masamune's anvil after completing one of trails from The Way of the Wang DLC. They allow player to upgrade weapon by decreasing reload speed or increasing damage/ROF/clip size.

Player can collect orbs:

  • For completing a mission (both side and story, alone or with someone - however few side mission can give up to 37 orbs, while most up to 74);
  • After killing a champion or boss - up to 37 orbs;
  • Completing a trial - seems to be a best way to collect orbs;

Achievements Edit

Note: The Way of Masamune is not required to achieve I'm a Collector Myself. Also player doesn't have to store them in order to receive achievements.

  • Orb Collector - Collect 100 Orbs of Masamune;
  • Experienced Orb Collector - Collect 1,000 Orbs of Masamune;
  • The Way of Masamune - Collect 10,000 Orbs of Masamune;

On Steam version, sometimes current number of collected orbs will not appear in achievement section, but player will be rewarded if required number of Orbs will be collected. Number of Orbs can be checked at in-game "Achievements" section.

Trivia Edit

  • The Orbs of Masamune (and Smith Masamune) may be a reference to Gorō Nyūdō Masamune, widely regarded as Japan's greatest swordsmith.
  • Masamune is also a name of a weapon featured in Final Fantasy series.