"The dragon is celestial guardian that wards off evil spirits. Focused application of KI allows these techniques to deflect incoming attacks."
—In-game description.

Protection is power featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Protection is a power, which protects or reduces damage to all oncoming attacks. The power is represented by a dragon tattoo on Wang's left shoulder.

Upgrades Edit

Base Edit

Dragon Scales: Blocks 40% frontal melee damage.

First Path Edit

Reflecting Scales: Shield gains 20% chance to knock down enemies.

Iron Skin: Shield blocks 50% of the incoming damage.

Really potent when fighting bosses.

Second Path Edit

Dragon's Endurance: Blocks all types of attacks.

Dragon's Embrace: Blocks damage from all directions.

Useful when facing large groups of enemies.

Gallery Edit

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