"Masters of these techniques absorb KI energy to instantly heal the gravest of wounds."
—In-game description.

Restoration is one of the skill trees featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Restoration skill tree focus on skills that increases Lo Wang's healing abilities and survivability in the fights.

Skills Edit

First group Edit

Medic: Health Packs heal +20 HP above maximum health.

Doctor: Health Packs heal +40 HP above maximum health.

Having this is great for boss battles where you can avoid being one hit killed by getting medpacks that spawn around the arena.

Second group Edit

Soulseeker: +20% chance of restoring souls appearing.

Souleater: +30% chance of restoring souls appearing.

Souls that come out of slain enemies help restore your HP.

Third group Edit

Drain Soul: +50% damage and 5 seconds window in which killing an enemy will revive you.

Soul Hunger: +50% longer duration.

Increases your survivability as long as there is demons within the area to kill, however if there is only mini-bosses left this will not help you much as they need more than 5 seconds to kill (unless mini-boss is low on health).

Gallery Edit

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