Shadow Fury is a skill featured in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Shadow Fury is active skill, which you receive after defeating corrupted Kamiko in story mission Big Trouble in Calamity. The skill increases Lo Wang's effectiveness in combat. You can use Shadow Fury by pressing the Z button on the keyboard. The skill has a usage bar that needs to be filled in order to be able to use the skill.

Tiers Edit

Tier 1: Edit


Tier 1 of Shadow Fury increases damage by 50%, resistance to damage by 25%, health absorption by 2.0%, Chi absorption by 2.0% and lasts for 12.0s.

Tier 2: Edit

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 2 of Shadow Fury increases the resistance to damage by 50%.

Tier 3: Edit

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 3 of Shadow Fury increases the damage dealt by 50%.

Tier 4: Edit

Requires 2 skill points

Tier 4 of Shadow Fury increases the chance to unleash a Force Slash during a melee attack by 100%.

Tier 5: Edit

Requires 10 skill points

Tier 5 of Shadow Fury increases its duration by 67%.

Gallery Edit

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