Gems are upgrade mechanic featured in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

A notable part of upgrade mechanics in Shadow Warrior 2 revolves around gems - an abundant randomized drop that can be attached to weapon to alter its stats or, in some cases, even behavior of weapon. The following tables give some generic info on how to read the names of upgrades and explain which weapons can accept which upgrades and what behavior modifications can be achieved.

Effect Prefix Suffix Comments
+Max HP Viable Body
+Max Chi Thinking Mind
+Max Stamina Abiding Endurance
+Drain HP Vampiric Drain
+Drain Chi Eerie Drill
+Gain HP after kill Carnivorous Predator
+Gain Chi after kill Magic Witchcraft
+Regen Stamina Regenerating Rebirth
+Resist Damage Robust Protection
+Speed of movement Quick Momentum Mobility is best defence for a ninja.
+Chance to find Ammo Cartridge Charge
+Chance to find Money Shining Gold
+Chance to find Items Loaded Treasure Items also include better gems. Hint-hint.
+Gain to Karma Fate Fate
+Damage Reckless Peril
+Damage Melee Sharp Edge Meaningless for Firearms.
+Damage Light Firearms Clash Battle For obvious reasons, it`s best to install this on Light Firearms, if it`s weapon-mounted gem.
+Damage Heavy Firearms Skirmish Brawl For obvious reasons, it`s best to install this on Heavy Firearms, if it`s weapon-mounted gem.
+Damage to Small Enemies Hawking Eagle Hardly worth the effort - generic damage amplifier will be much more useful then this.
+Damage to Big Enemies Hunting Killer Might be useful on a miniboss-killer weapon, but generally first gem to be dismantled the moment something better comes up.
+Damage to Flying Enemies Treacherous Pitfall Hardly worth the effort - generic damage amplifier will be much more useful then this.
+Damage to Special Enemies Deadly Threat Might be useful on a miniboss-killer weapon, but generally first gem to be dismantled the moment something better comes up.
+Damage Radius Immense Incidence Only works on Shotguns and Lauchers.
+Damage Fire Blazing Fire
+Damage Ice Frosty Ice
+Damage Acid Biting Acid
+Damage Electric Paralyzing Electricity
%Converted to Fire Damage Incendiary Combustion Converting percentage of damage to elemental type is not quite as good on DPS as adding elemental damage on top already existing - even if percentage added is less then percentage converted.To wit, if weapon had 100 damage, conversion of 20% would still leave us with 100 damage, 20 of which is elemental. On other hand, adding 10% of elemental damage produces a total of 110 damage, of which 10 is elemental. Moreso, conversion won`t go above 100%. so there is little point in trying to maximize.
%Converted to Ice Damage Chilly Blight
%Converted to Acid Damage Acerbic Vinegary
%Converted to Electric Damage Voltaic Juice
%Converted to Elemental Damage Elemental Particle
+Chance to Critical Hit Lucky Fluke
+Bonus to Critical Hit Stinging Keen
-Miss Rate Accurate Certainty
+Rate of Fire Brisk Haste
+Speed of Reload Swift Hurry Meaningless for Melee weaponry.
+Clip Hefty Stature Meaningless for Melee weaponry.
+Chance to save Ammo Frugal Thriftiness Meaningless for Melee weaponry.
-Resistance to elements Sensitive Vulnerability
Mod Sticky Ammo Stickable Glue Meant for Grenade Launchers, really. Invaluable in boss fights to make every grenade go off exactly where it needs to.
Mod Explosive Ammo Explosive Blowup Can add a surprising amount of punch to an unassuming weapon like pistol.
Mod Frangible Ammo Erupting Shatter Turns any gun into a shotgun - but the hit to damage output makes it a novelty mod at best.
Mod Piercing Ammo Piercing Penetration Gives rapid-firing firearms more of a crowd control capacity. Good against mobs.
Mod Doubled Ammo Doubled Package Doubles ammo expenditure per shot for a damage bonus. Generally not worth it, unless you can make every bullet count.
Mod Akimbo Geminate Ambidextrity More dakka and twice the clip, but accuracy is horrifying. Might be an option for a close-quarters shoot-out, if you`re a fan of John Woo. Can only be attached to pistols and SMGs, though there is an amulet which will allow placement of this mod on assault rifles as well.
Mod Multishot Frenzied Madness Can only be attached to weapons with more then one barrel. Specifically, Cerberus, The Stick Of Doom, Major Fletcher, The Purgator, The Triad, Genocider, Monsoon and Judgement of Enra. Use if solving things with one mighty shot is more appealing then shooting a dozen times for same effect. Reloading is slower then molasses, though, so make sure you are ready to retreat or swap out if one shot didn`t quite do the trick.
Mod Laser Guided Smart Navigation Rocket Launchers, full shop. Good for keeping them rockets on them bosses.
Mod Remote Detonator Remote Detonation Tricky piece of hardware best used with launchers.
Mod Charge Shot Mighty Power Hold the trigger to build up damage. Very good option for an ambush.
Mod Fast Shot Agile Pace Opposite to previous mod - eliminates the charging time inherent to some weapons (bows, namely).
Mod Split Remotely Leafy Pieces Same deal as frangible ammo, but on command. Not as useful as it sounds like.
Mod Turret Opposing Defence Set down your gun in a good location to provide you with some cover fire. For obvious reasons, only heavy guns like machineguns and rocket launchers accept this mod.
-Chi Cost Dark Twilight
+Heal Healing Stag Affects Chi Healing technique.
+Push Strong Force Affects Chi Push technique.
+Levitate Flying Levitation Affects Grip of Darkness technique.
+Vanish Disappearing Tiger Affects Vanish technique.
+Shield Protective Turtle
+Rage Angry Dragon
Multiplayer +Heal Curing Remedy
Multiplayer +Heal Aura Hearty Vigor
Multiplayer +Damage Aura Destructive Wound
Multiplayer +Resist Damage Aura Preventive Aegis
Multiplayer +Resist Elements Avoiding Shield