Shadow Warrior 2 contains a lot of weapons, which can be classified by many criteria. There`s the type of weapon itself, the ammo type it uses, the category to which the game attributes it to. There`s also one more type of division that is not quite obvious to the naked eye, but is readily apparent if one were to take a peek at game`s internal tables. Absolute majority of weapon types exists in three varieties. Ordinary, Chi-tech and Ancient. For example, revolvers. Ordinary is Devolver Anaconda, Chi-tech is Deck-ARD and Ancient is The Triad. It`s worth to mention that not every single weapon is a part of such trinity, but a clear majority is.

Class Type Ordinary Chi-tech Ancient
Swords Katana Lil' Wang / Goldshaft

Nobitsura Ka-ge


Z45 Katana

Arm of Orochi

Sword of Oni

Blade of Exile

Fist of Gozu

Dual Swords Twin Dao



Bladez of Zaibatsu
Short Blades Dual Axes True Patriot Primal Boneblades
Claws Kuzuri Shredders The Beast

Talon's Arm

Moonblades Ripper Plasma Cutters
Starblades Kazaguruma Ghidorah
Special Weapons Club Hedgehog
Chainsword Razorback Saw Blade
Chainsaw Warrrsaw! Lumberjack's Caress
Gauntlet Feuerfaust Emperor's Touch Medusa Ray
Light Firearms Pistol Swift & Messon Marvin Jigoku
Heavy Pistol Point Five-O
Revolver Devolver Anaconda Deck-ARD The Triad
Medium Firearms SMG Sidekick / Wang Touch Einhänder Eternal Infinitor
Assault Rifle AR-53 Plasmoid The Overseer
Heavy Firearms Machinegun MG Triple-6 Zweihänder King Skeletor
Minigun Raven EX-GF01 Agent of Chaos
Shotguns Sawn-off Shotgun The Stick Of Doom Major Fletcher Cerberus
Pump-Action Shotgun Hauer The Purgator Shogun
Automatic Shotgun Puncher Hammershot Boner
Launchers Grenade Launcher One-Trick Pony Fujin Wyrm's Breath
Automatic Grenade Launcher The Duke Genocider Sheng-Long
Rocket Launcher The Last Kiss Goodbye Destroyer of Realms
Automatic Rocket Launcher Monsoon
Projectile Weapons Bow Bullseye & Barton ZI-ROB1N Yumi
Nailgun DeVolt Perforator Stapler
Gauss Rifle Springchester Raijin Judgement of Enra

The following table will summarize weapons by their characteristics.

Category Weapon Ammo Type Ammo Use Multishot
Swords Lil' Wang NAN NAN
Goldshaft NAN NAN
Z45 Katana NAN NAN
Sword of Oni NAN NAN
Blade of Exile NAN NAN
Fist of Gozu NAN NAN
Arm of Orochi NAN NAN
Ryuken NAN NAN
Twin Dao NAN NAN
Crimswords NAN NAN
Blizzard NAN NAN
Bladez of Zaibatsu Plasma 4 NAN
Short Blades True Patriot NAN NAN
Primal Boneblades NAN NAN
Kuzuri NAN NAN
Shredders NAN NAN
The Beast NAN NAN
Talon's Arm NAN NAN
Ripper NAN NAN
Plasma Cutters Energy 8 NAN
Kazaguruma NAN NAN
Ghidorah NAN NAN

Special Weapons

Hedgehog NAN NAN
Razorback Self-replenishing NAN
Saw Blade Energy 8 NAN
Warrrsaw! Self-replenishing NAN
Lumberjack's Caress Self-replenishing NAN
Feuerfaust Plasma 6 NAN
Emperor's Touch Energy 20 NAN
Medusa Ray Plasma 6 NAN
Light Firearms Swift & Messon Light Bullets 1
Marvin Plasma 2
Jigoku Light Bullets 1
Point Five-O Light Bullets 1
Devolver Anaconda Light Bullets 1
Deck-ARD Light Bullets 1
The Triad Light Bullets 1 3
Medium Firearms Sidekick Medium Bullets 1
Wang Touch Medium Bullets 1
Einhänder Medium Bullets 1
Eternal Infinitor Medium Bullets 1
AR-53 Medium Bullets 1
Plasmoid Plasma 1
The Overseer Medium Bullets 1
Heavy Firearms MG Triple-6 Heavy Bullets 1
Zweihänder Heavy Bullets 1
King Skeletor Heavy Bullets 1
Raven Heavy Bullets 1
EX-GF01 Heavy Bullets 1
Agent of Chaos Heavy Bullets 1
Shotguns The Stick Of Doom Shells 1 2
Major Fletcher Plasma 4 2
Cerberus Shells 1 3
Hauer Shells 1
The Purgator Energy 6 2
Shogun Shells 1
Puncher Shells 1
Hammershot Shells 1
Boner Shells 1


One-Trick Pony Grenades 1
Fujin Grenades 1
Wyrm's Breath Grenades 1
The Duke Grenades 1
Genocider Plasma 12 3
Sheng-Long Grenades 1
The Last Kiss Goodbye Rockets 1
Destroyer of Realms Rockets 1
Monsoon Rockets 1 3
Projectile Weapons Bullseye & Barton Projectiles 8
ZI-ROB1N Energy 40
Yumi Projectiles 8
DeVolt Projectiles 1
Perforator Projectiles 1
Stapler Projectiles 1
Springchester Projectiles 10
Raijin Energy 50
Judgement of Enra Projectiles 5 2

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