Sting is a skill featured in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Sting is an active skill received after killing six ratverines in main quest All in a Day's Work. The skill lets Lo Wang to create a powerful thrust with a melee weapon, effective against a single opponent. This is a good skill to be used for finishing off of opponents.

Tiers Edit

Tier 1:

Unlocked by default.

Tier 2:

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 2 of Sting increases damage by +10%.

Tier 3:

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 3 of Sting increases the range by +50%.

Tier 4:

Requires 2 skill points

Tier 4 of Sting increases the damage by +20%.

Tier 5:

Requires 3 skill points

Tier 5 of Sting increases the damage by +30%.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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