Stop the Ooze is the tenth story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Mezu tasks Lo Wang with stopping the source of crude.

Storyline Edit

Mezu tasks Lo Wang with stopping crude that started to appear all around the area. He reveals that Ameonna's high priest is behind this and sends Lo Wang to stop him. First Wang must kill two lesser priests and use their souls to unlock the gates leading to the high priest. He accomplishes this and returns to Mezu. There he reveals that the Outer Gates must be kept sealed, otherwise their worlds will merge into a chaotic morass.

Reward Edit

Champion Edit

  • High Priest - A powerful version of Shaman
  • The Toxitor - A powerful version of Tumor

For killing the Champion, you receive:

Walkthrough Edit


Secrets Edit

  • The secret is found on the top in an abandoned library. It is located between the shelves and the collapsed cabinet.
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