"Double barreled shotgun slowing you down? Saw that mother off!"
—In-game description.

The Stick of Doom is a Sawed Off Shotgun that appears in Shadow Warrior 2 as an Easter egg weapon.

Overview Edit

Available from Larry’s Shoot Shack as soon as player gets access to it.

Usage Edit

Better damage then Hauer, but only two shots per reload. A comparison between the two in their vanilla settings is mostly down to aesthetics.

However, The Stick of Doom equipped with charged shot or two barrels shot mod becomes a terrifying implement of pain on par with it`s DOOM incarnation, well capable of one-shooting many enemies. At once.

It can serve as a viable ambush or boss killer weapon on par with grenade launchers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Stick of Doom is homage to the Super Shotgun from DOOM series.
  • The name could also be reference to Boomstick from The Evil Dead series.

Gallery Edit

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