The Way of the Wang is the first free DLC for Shadow Warrior 2. The content was announced on official Shadow Warrior twitter account on 1st of December and released 1 week after.

Overview Edit

DLC, despite numerous fixes, adds 1 new weapon and 7 challenges, where player needs to eliminate demons in an area filled with lava dealing a high amount of damage.

Challenges are grouped into 4 schemes: (to be completed)

  1. Trial of Infusion
  2. Trial of Embedding
  3. Trial of Purification: Unlocked after All in the Family
  4. Trial of the Ancient God


Completing a trial awards Orbs of Masamune, and trials may be repeated for additional orbs.

  • Easy: 1 orb
  • Medium: 3 orbs
  • Hard: 7 orbs
  • Instanity : 27 orbs

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