"Tommy Tumor is a naughty boy. Tommy Tumor throws poison grenades. And if you blow off his arms and legs he'll still try to headbutt you to death. Bad boy, Tommy Tumor, bad boy!"
—In-game description.

Tumor is enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Tumors are demons who appear towards the middle of the game, usually alone. They have explosives tumors all over their body, which can deal acid damage if triggered. They close range combat, but can also trow poisonous grenades at further ranges. If their tumors are destroyed, they will try to headbutt Lo Wang.

There is a Champion version of this unit called The Toxitor encountered in story mission Stop the Ooze.

Design Edit

Tumors are grotesque, bloated demons covered in tumors, hence the name. Destroying its body will reveal a naked spine with hanging head on it.

Strategy Edit

Tumors can attack by shooting poison everywhere, as well as farting on Lo Wang. When they are damaged enough, they will aggressively charge Lo Wang, attempting to headbutt him to death. During the first phase, keeping your distance is advised, whereas using a shotgun to quickly finish them off is the best course of action in their second phase.

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