Vanish is a skill featured in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Vanish is a skill received after completion of second main mission My Hero. ts an active skill that lets Lo Wang to become invisible.This is a very useful skill that allows you to hide and attack opponents by surprise. I It makes an excellent combination with Grip of Darkness. After you cast Vanish, get behind your enemies and use Grip of Darkness.

Tiers Edit

Tier 1: Edit

Unlocked by default.

Tier 1 of Vanish lets Lo Wang to become invisible for 8s and increases damage dealt in melee by +50%. Casting time is 2s while cost 50.0 Chi.

Tier 2: Edit

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 2 of Vanish decrease the cost to cast by -25%.

Tier 3: Edit

Requires 1 skill point

Tier 3 of Vanish increases the duration by +25%.

Tier 4: Edit

Requires 2 skill points

Tier 4 of Vanish increases the bonus to damage dealt in melee by +50%.

Gallery Edit

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