Zilla Commando is robot enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Zilla Commandos are high-ranking cyber-enemies encountered in Zilla City and a few outposts in the wilderness. They come in two variations - Zilla Chopper, which uses a sword and Zilla Shredder, which uses claws. They're the strongest out of all ZillaCorps soldiers.

Design Edit

Zilla Commandos are robotic in nature and come in two varieties. One variety is armed with a single sword and behaves much like a Hammerhead. The second variety is armed with two claw-blades and behaves like a Spectre.

There are 2 champion version of this enemy:

Strategy Edit

The blade variety is tougher than Zilla soldiers but is limited to melee attacks and electric attacks at close range, much like the Hammerhead. They can also teleport to close range when far away. The clawed variety behaves like a Spectre except with the ability to teleport. Their ability to teleport to close range makes it dangerous to fight them with firearms due to their ability to suddenly appear in front of Lo Wang. However, using a shotgun allows you to blow them away when they teleport, and melee weapons can be used to parry their attacks and then retaliate with a flurry of strikes before they recover or block.

Trivia Edit

  • Name of champion Unit-64 Commodore is a reference to Commodore 64, a type of computer sold in the 80's.

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